Who Are We

Who Are We

CinyStore is a democratic content marketplace for all film industry professionals who are interested in buying and selling video content. We provide an equal opportunity for all filmmakers to showcase their talent to a global audience.

Our rich content library platform showcases the best of movies, stirring interesting conversations, active engagement, and leading to opportunities for sales and distribution. We are obsessed about discovering talent and supporting new businesses, through the use of information, technology, and transparency.

CinyStore offers the full spectrum of services in online marketing including social media monitoring, reputation management, marketing promotions, sales, and distribution. We are brand agnostic. No brand or business is too small or big for us to support and we take pride in each project. We assist you in delivering above and beyond your capabilities.

What We Do

At CinYstore, we are building a business-to-business online global marketplace for the entertainment industry.

The platform acts as an online rendezvous for people in the film, television and Visual content industry with prospective buyers and audience in general.

This platform shall empower filmmakers to connect more deeply with prospective Buyers by combining data, analytics, marketing activation and data management platform capabilities on a single platform.The data synergies facilitate a deeper understanding of consumers and audiences, more effective one-to-one messaging, and superior ROI analysis and campaign optimization.

We help you stay ahead of the curve!