Our Story

Our Story

All of us have a story to share.

About why we are the way we are - our purpose, journey, and dreams.

Here is our story for you!

Being in the Media & Entertainment Industry for more than 20 years , we know how hard it is for any filmmaker to reach out to a wider audience with their movie. Out of the thousands of movies churned out every year, only a handful become blockbusters. And only a select few make real profits We also know for a fact that you don’t need big names as actors for your movie to sell. Your movie doesn’t even have to be outstanding to make profits.As long as you have a good content, you have a real shot at earning revenue and achieving box-office success.

Yes, you read that right!

You have a bright film career ahead of you!

We want to reach out to passionate filmmakers like you and support you in your film journey. We decided after seeing many talented filmmakers go unnoticed because of poor business insights and decisions.

You have the creative prowess.

We have the technical and business know-how to support your film business and take your movie to the next level. We believe in the power of collaboration for innovation, evolution, and achievement.