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CinyStore Business Tool - Do More with Less

You can connect deeply with prospective buyers by combining Data, Analytics, Marketing Activation, and Data Management Platform capabilities on a single platform.


Do it Yourself with all the controls at your fingertips

Create customized labels without the need for a developer or coding specialist with our DIY app builder. Includes pre-designed templates, integration with social media, location-based features and push notifications that you can customize and implement with no special technical expertise. Works across various operating systems including mobile.

Collaboration Tools

Market like a Pro

Promote your label, analyze their effectiveness, and transform them into your powerful marketing tools. Share diverse topics instantly via multiple platforms. Transform your label into lead generation machines and create sales-ready opportunities with Cinystore’s business tools to engage, qualify and convert your prospects. Break through the social media noise to connect with more prospects, generate more pipeline, and close more deals


Gain detailed insights into your audience

Track your online presence with the help of our inbuilt SEO service tool Boost the ranking of your label which quickly results in an increased reach. View how many people visited your label, view all page statistics, the progress of the reach, how many people messaged or emailed with inquiries about your film, who’s downloading your content illegally and much more.


Create what works to drive results

Reap real business benefits like revenue maximization and efficiency improvement by tapping into the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Cinystore’s AI and ML algorithms help you to drastically cut down the time taken to perform many of the marketing and promotion activities to drive several path-breaking business benefits. View how your content performs across your website and all social platforms from one dashboard, and analyze their impact on revenue. Cater to the audience demand and earn more profit.

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