Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions?

I have a great idea in mind for a movie. Should I look at the creative aspect only or do I need to have a business plan and strategy in place as well?

If you are in the early stages of filmmaking, you should concentrate on the creative aspect of it. If you are in the advanced stages of filmmaking, then you should focus on the marketing and distribution side of it. Now, there are two ways of doing so - offline and online. If you are venturing into online movie promotions, then we have all the necessary tools and sophisticated infrastructure to support your film journey properly. Based on the traction, you can decide on your offering.

What Orson Welles, American actor, and filmmaker once famously said, still holds today - “It's about 2% moviemaking and 98% hustling.” The truth is that once your film is complete, you need to become a businessperson. Think in the lines of distribution, revenues, and profit. Distributors are not bothered about your idea or if it’s the greatest movie ever made as much as if your film will generate money. That’s the stark reality. Keeping it real, yes, you have to have a business plan and strategy in place before you venture into making any movie.

I have just completed my film. When should I focus on distribution and promotional activities?


Typically for a large scale movie, the promotions should start at least 4-5 months before the movie release. If it is a small to medium scale movie, the movie promotions should begin at least two months prior to its release. So, we suggest that depending on the scale and size of your movie, you plan its release date and accordingly the movie promotions.

I am a filmmaker, a creative person and not into the business or the marketing side of movie-making which is equally or more important. Please share your expert suggestions.

You are 100% right when you say that the business and marketing side of movie-making is critical. Some people do get lucky and have a fluke hit or has a producing partner who takes care of all the business and marketing or has all the money to hire the right person for the job. But typically for someone whose film career is in the early stages, it’s tough getting into distribution and promotion. It’s difficult getting access and being able to afford sophisticated technological infrastructure which big production houses offer to veteran filmmakers. CinyStore offers precisely the same technological infrastructure and business tools of big production houses like Zee Group at an affordable deal for passionate filmmakers.

I am receiving inquiries from many distributors regarding my film. They are excited to see it. Should I send them a copy of the movie so that can they can acquire it?

It is a business decision that you need to make. We have no say in it. However, this is our take - If you are listed in the trade, the chances are that major distributors will request a copy of your movie. As a filmmaker in the early stage, you may be tempted to show them your work even if it is a rough cut hoping to get a distribution deal. Don’t fall for any of their requests. Avoid sending them any copy of your movie - rough or final cut. Just don’t send them the movie. Instead, You must showcase your movie at the right place (like CinyStore, film festival, etc), at the right time to make the buyers interested in buying your film. Even here, a small portion or teaser of the movie will be shown to the audience. So when you receive a call from any distributor requesting a copy of your movie, thank them for their interest but tell them that it’s not ready. Tell them to check with you in a month or so.

My film is selected in a highly reputed film festival. So, I don’t need to bother about distribution, marketing and promotions anymore. Am I correct?

Congratulations on the honorable selection! Film festivals are a great platform to showcase your movie to the world at large. But, they last for a day or two. Also, they are an expensive proposition. When you go to any film festival, your work has just begun. When you are out promoting your movie at any reputed film festival, you need to have a strong marketing plan and strategy in place. There will be press coverage, interviews, awards, critic quotes and so much marketing material that you can capitalize upon to it achieve your movie success. You have one big chance to bag a distribution deal and marketing is your key to achieving that goal. But most filmmakers miss this crucial aspect of the film business and come back from the festival without a deal. Worse still, they are clueless about what their next step should be. Have a strong marketing strategy and plan in place and it could just make your film career.

Do I still need to invest in traditional marketing when I plan to sell my movie via social media and the internet?

It is advisable depending on your audience demographics, budget and overall business goal. Even if you want to get into traditional marketing and distribution, Cinystore’s intelligent business tools will help you gain insights on which market to focus on and where to direct your marketing spend. Out of the thousands of movies made each year, a handful of them make serious money. Because making money is hard work. It takes specific strategies and plans to succeed. Very few filmmakers invest that much of time, effort and money into the marketing side of movie-business. And even if they do, they lack the knowledge or infrastructure on how to use traditional and non-traditional marketing and distribution. The truth is that anyone with a decent film can achieve business success with the right knowledge and dedicated support. You don’t need big names, or your movie doesn’t even have to be phenomenal to become a success. If your film is decent enough, you stand a real chance.

Why should I buy a business tool when I can hire an experienced marketing professional, to promote my film?

Only big production houses can afford a proper marketing team. Even you hire an experienced marketing professional, they lack the intelligent insights that can only be captured by a sophisticated tool like CinyStore, which limits their capacity to market and promote a movie effectively.

What is the cost of CinyStore products and services?

CinyStore has three flexible plans to suit every filmmaker’s need based on duration and market penetration and recognition of their product. Please refer to the Pricing Page.

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What are the Legal or Privacy requirements of CinyStore?

As a CinyStore user, you are strongly advised to read the Privacy Document. is a venture of Nokpage Technologies, and its privacy policy tells you how we use personal information collected at this site.

What is the Sign-up process for CinyStore?

The Sign-up process for CinyStore is a simple 3 step process. First, you need to Create an Account. You can use your Google, Facebook, Twitter or Email account to do so. Second, you need to Upload Details about your new project. Finally, you can Select the template and Publish for Public view.